Sunday, February 22, 2009


1. There are a few similarities between Brisbane and Incheon. Nevertheless, both have one thing in common.

2. It's free to take the buses. Nevertheless only a few people use them.

3. Although houses in Seoul are so expensive, many people have their jobs in Seoul…

4. Incheon is the nearest city to Seoul…

5. Now, it is winter in Korea including Incheon but it is summer in Brisbane.

6. There is another difference, related to the traffic system.

7. Despite that, people don't use the buses much.

8. Although Brisbane is a tenth as big as Seoul, the population of Seoul is much higher than Brisbane's. (the population of Brisbane is 1.857.594, but the population of Seoul is 10.356.000 (2006))

9. First, the population of Seoul is much higher than Brisbane's.

10. Most residential buildings are one or two storey houses.

11. In contrast to Brisbane, there are a lot of apartments in Seoul.

12. We both have four seasons and a big river.

13. Nevertheless, the buses in Gwang-ju have no vacant seats.

14. I don't want to make a comparison between these two cities…

15. …both allow you to do a lot of sports…

16. I think Seoul is one of the most developed cities

17. …there is too much rain in summer in Seoul.

18. At first , I was a little surprised, but I'm getting used to Brisbane.

19. It's hard to see foreigners

20. …in Brisbane they use a ferry as a means of transportation but not in Deajeon.

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